When planning any event it is always wise to make a list to ensure that you don’t forget anything. Planning is key to ensuring that an your event runs smoothly and is enjoyed by all


This might sound like an obvious one however it is important to know how many people are coming to your barbecue and to have enough food in for any unexpected guests who may tag along.
Consider also who is coming, are there any vegetarians attending? If so have something filling and delicious so that they don’t have to hover by the salad table hungry all day.


Again this is not purely about having enough, but having the right amount and the right type. Alcohol at a barbecue is pretty much a given, however do keep in mind the fact that some guests will have to drive home. Make sure you have delicious icy drinks available for those that choose not to drink alcohol.

Prepare the Garden

Prior to hosting a barbecue it would be wise to give the garden some tender loving care. Cut the grass, trim back any overhanging branches and hedges and have a general tidy up. Move children’s garden toys out of the way to make way for extra seating.


Adequate parking is an issue for many residences. Do your best to find appropriate parking for guests and be courteous and warn neighbours in advance that you have people coming over.

Prepare the Barbecue

Make sure that prior to guests arriving and cooking that your gas or charcoal barbecue is clean and in good working order. It would be wise to check in advance that you have enough gas or fuel to last the day.

Don’t Skimp On the Extras

It is often the little things that people remember at a party. Decorate your garden with lanterns or choose a theme and really get enthusiastic about making your garden special. Ensure that there is music on throughout to create the right atmosphere and consider citronella candles or similar bug repelling measures to ensure that your guests don’t leave covered in bites.

Pre-cook and Prepare

Pre-cooking sausages and meats in the oven is not cheating, is it a great way to ensure that guests aren’t standing around hungry. Finishing meat off on the barbecue means that no-one will miss out on that familiar and delicious smoky taste, and you can be sure that food is cooked through properly.

By having salads and accompaniments made in advance you can be sure that you have time to enjoy your company and are not stuck in the kitchen.

A barbecue should be a stress free and enjoyable event for everyone, including the host. By making a list and ensuring that all the bases are covered you too can relax, enjoy a bite to eat and spend hassle-free time with your family, friends and neighbours. Of course all great barbecues need a barbecue! If you have not yet found the right one, why not try our great range of gas barbecues

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