It may not seem like the time of year to enjoy a barbecue, however many are enjoying the mild winter and adding a new twist to Boxing Day celebrations or New Year’s Eve parties with the addition of charcoal or gas barbecue.

Use your Turkey

Nearly everyone has leftover turkey however this can be brought back to life with the barbecue. Make your own sticky glaze mixing brown sauce, ketchup, brown sugar and a little English mustard and then barbecue to create the wonderful scorch marks. This is an ideal recipe as it can be used on breast meat, legs or wings, and it takes the uncertainty out of uncooked fowl. The meat has already been precooked which ensures cooking time is kept to a minimum whilst guests will enjoy a new flavour, and most won’t realise its left overs.

Utilize that ham Joint

Many people buy a huge joint of ham around Christmas time, only to find that a few slices disappear on Boxing Day, leaving it in the fridge next to the turkey just waiting to be fed to the dog or thrown out with the rubbish. However you can revive it with a few simple tips, and make sure it makes your barbecue come alive with flavour.

Using a food processor, chop into squares and then pulse until it is mince like. Add a couple of eggs and spices of your choice, honey and sugar are good, whilst chilli will add a gracious kick.

Mould into patties and cook on the barbecue making sure they are piping hot all the way through. Add a little slice of cheese and serve in buns, giving your guests a true taste of a real hamburger.

Use up the stuffing.

For a winter barbecue, you can’t ignore the leftover stuffing. Along with the turkey this delicious filling sits as people prefer to tuck into biscuits and cake. A few Martina Mercer tricks will bring your stuffing back to life and add a festive twist to any outdoor party.

This is perfect if your stuffing has been made with sausage meat, however even a bread stuffing will be a popular change for vegetarians.

In a bowl mix the stuffing, a little lemon juice and two eggs. Then carefully roll into sausage shapes.

Toast on the barbecue until hot all the way through, and serve with caramelised onions, a hot dog bun, and condiments or relish, ketchup or mustard.

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