It’s barbecue season. Really it is. If you’ve missed out a decent barbecue over the wet Summer this is the time of year to make up for it.

Put a lid on it.

Use a lidded barbecue when cooking in the cold. Once the cold air under the lid has heated up it will be trapped there. Don’t keep lifting it every minute to check your food. Constantly taking the lid off will let out all that lovely hot air which will only be replaced by a blast that’s much colder. Your food will take at least twice as long to cook and you’ll use a lot of fuel getting the temperature back up and stable.

Barbecues with lids are also the best if you really love your food to be infused with that distinctive grill flavour. Add depth to your cuisine by placing herbs that have been thoroughly soaked in water on to the coals. The aroma when you do finally get to lift the lid will be amazing.

If your barbecue’s lid is nice and flat, why not put your bread on top of it to warm through?

Just a note

Whatever the weather, don’t be tempted to barbecue in the garage, shed or other garden building. These areas have low ceilings and don’t meet fire safety standards as strict as other buildings.

There are other dangers too: gas can build up if your gas barbecue fails to light. Then there’s the deadly, silent spectre of carbon monoxide. You can’t see it, feel it or smell it. Often you only know it’s there when it’s too late.

What to eat

It’s astounding how, on even the hottest days of year barbecue goers chow down on dense meats that get the digestive juices flowing raising body temperature! Barbecue fare is perfect for warming winter meals. Lovely, rich cuts of meat and, a real favourite, barbecued fish. Don’t you dare serve them in boring buns: get the flavours of the season into your meals. Pumpkins, parsnips and jacket potatoes take on a whole new identity when barbecued.

Keeping warm

You don’t have to eat outside but it’ makes for a really memorable meal if you can. Keep warm in lovely thick throws, blankets or slankets, sleeved blankets, that make staying warm whilst eating far easier. Chimneys add warmth to a small area and adding aromatic chippings and herbs creates a wonderful scented area. A more efficient way are patio heaters, the size and power of which you choose will depend on the size of large your patio area.


Winter days are short so lighting is essential. Lots and lots of tea lights in colourful holders make a pretty display on the table and you can toast marshmallows over them. Lanterns protect the candle flames from the wind. Outdoor Christmas lights are fun and festive and fairy lights can be draped just about anywhere.

On a still evening you could use the torch candles you never got the chance to during Summer. Save citronella ones for next year though as another great advantage of barbecuing this time of year is that you won’t be bothered by bugs.

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