The constant rain never seems to dampen the British barbecue spirit, and just as well as although the Australians are famed for their barbecue style, we are renowned for our perseverance even when the heavens open.

Many of us have taken to placing our barbecues under a covered area on the patio allowing us to show off our skills despite the wet weather. It’s this kind of determination that allows us to plan ahead for our barbecue events and when we do we can rival any country with our delicious meat marinades that make the mouth water.


Lamb is known for being marinated in mint however many of us view the supermarket versions of minted lamb with suspicion, thinking the flavour is trying to hide the poor quality. A marinade of garlic puree, salt and rosemary will bring out the flavour perfectly and you can even add your own rosemary stalks to the charcoal to enhance the marinade.

If you do like it minty, try using fresh mint instead. Boil it on the stove with sugar and white vinegar and allow cooling before leaving the lamb in it overnight. For a Moroccan twist, lamb with brown sugar, tomatoes, ground cumin and fresh coriander will delight children and adults alike.


Beef is perfect with absolutely any herb; even a varied selection from the garden will boost the flavour. To marinade steaks however try adding soy sauce and garlic puree along with a few freshly crushed peppercorns. You can also add heat with mustard, or a fresh herb taste with a rub of olive oil, parsley, lemon and garlic.


Anyone can make tasty barbecue pork ribs with a few everyday ingredients from the larder. Let them warm gently in clear water for four hours to soften and then marinade in a mixture of ketchup and brown sauce. You will be amazed how simple this is but still very effective. You can add smoked paprika for the smoky flavour, or chilli powder for those who like it hot.


Chicken marinades depend on the cut of meat you are likely to use, barbecue wings will benefit from the home made marinade above. Breasts and legs can take on an Indian theme with a tandoori of lemon, salt, cumin, coriander, garlic, ginger and turmeric. For the red colour many use a food dye however this is not essential.

Lemon and garlic are also perfect flavour combinations for chicken and you can mix it up by using this as a base and varying the fresh herbs you use such as cumin and coriander, chives, sage, parsley and rosemary.

Quick and cheap Alternatives

Many people bypass the world foods section of their supermarket as labels make it hard to decipher what is actually in the packaging, however many Jamaican marinades are now for sale, completely authentic and just a fraction of the price of the British adapted ones. Try a touch of the Paprika SOS, but be warned, it is hot!

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